The Winthrope Five Novellas

Study Break: A Winthrope Five RH Novella

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All I needed was a good study night. One more night and I was home free for the holidays. Apparently, fate had other plans in mind for me.

A snowstorm.
A blackout.
Four insanely attractive athletes.

Getting trapped in the library with a group of male co-eds was not my idea of a productive evening. But when the heat goes out, cuddling up to four hot football players may be more than I bargained for. All it takes is one slip and the books are closed because I’m taking a Study Break.

***This is a reverse harem title***
***This title contains sexual situations***


Tough Break: A Winthrope Five RH Novella


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It’s been months since that night in the library. I still can’t believe that Dex, Darren, Cody, and Taylor are mine. I’m dating and having sex with not one hot guy, not even two, but four of them! FOUR hot, sexy, athletes. My life is suddenly consumed with them and the possibility that I could end up in Washington D.C. for an internship.

My life has become nearly perfect, except… I can’t help but feel like something is off. Cody has been acting distant lately, and Darren’s hiding secrets of his own. Dex still hasn’t let me meet his family. It seems the only one acting normal is Taylor. I love these men and I want them in my life. I just don’t know what I have to do to show them what they mean to me. 

***This is a Reverse Harem Novella***
***This title contains sexual situations***


1 thought on “The Winthrope Five Novellas”

  1. I’m so beyond excited!! Since reading the Snow and Seduction anthology I have found several amazing new authors but you are my favorite discovery, can’t wait to read more from you!!!


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