Lucy’s Book List

Want to purchase a signed paperback copy of Lucy Smoke’s books? Here’s where you can do that! Below you will find all of Lucy Smoke’s current backlist with print editions available. To purchase a signed print copy of the book of your choice simply find the book you would like to purchase and click on the “Pay with PayPal” option.

Unfortunately, at this time Lucy Smoke is unable to accept payments via other forms so you will require a paypal account in order to purchase anything from the catalog. Currently, we are only shipping to locations inside the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working on a way to add other forms of payment as well as offering shipping to countries outside the US for the future.  


Signed Paperback Catalog


Now or Never Paperback

Signed paperback copy of Now or Never, Iris Boys Book 1



Power & Choice Paperback

Signed paperback copy of Power & Choice, Iris Boys Book 2



Leap of Faith Paperback

Signed paperback copy of Leap of Faith, Iris Boys Book 3



Daimon Paperback

Signed paperback copy of Daimon, Nerys Newblood Book 1



Necrosis Paperback

Signed paperback copy of Necrosis, Nerys Newblood Book 2



Heart of Tartarus Paperback

Signed paperback copy of Heart of Tartarus, Sky Cities Book 1



Shadow of Deception Paperback

Signed Paperback Copy of Shadow of Deception: Sky Cities Book 2



Expressionate Paperback

Signed paperback copy of Expressionate, Expressions series Book 1